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JetArray® Cluster Jets

Concentrate and supercharge jets to target specific areas.

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JetArray® Inline Jets

Powerful jets can be used as a swim current exercise station.

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TabCaddy for Chlorine

Chlorine dispenser is safer for swimmers and easy to clean-up.

The Sultan of Swim

jack-williams Jack Williams, known as the Sultan of Swim, began his career in the swimming pool industry in Tucson, Arizona, in 1973. In the beginning, the Sultan worked every phase of construction that’s required to build an in-ground concrete pool or spa. Over the years, he worked supervising in the field, scheduled construction and got a good education in the construction of backyard pools. He worked as a Construction Manager twice, Sales Manager on three occasions and as General Manager for two companies as well. The Sultan has twice owned his own pool building company. His main area during his career was selling backyard pools and teaching this to others. The Sultan has personally sold just over 2,000 back yard pools as well as designing another 3000 for sales people….right here in Tucson. The Sultan is currently the owner of SultanProducts of Tucson which patents and sells pool industry products. SultanProducts owns 3 patents with another pending and currently has products available through Custom Molded Products of Atlanta, GA. The Sultan is always looking for new ideas for his next 45 years in the swimming pool industry!