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Want supercharged bubbles? The All-New JetArray® InLine therapy jet delivers better action than any standard jet. The JetArray® InLine operates on 25 GPM and features 4 JetPorts on each unit. The JetArray® InLine can be interconnected in series creating millions of bubbles!


  • The first new therapy jet for gunite spas since 1969.
  • Provides better action than standard therapy jets.
  • Easy installation in any configuration including the spa floor.
  • Can be installed as a swim current exercise station.
  • Requires no additional parts or servicing.
  • Does not require an air blower.
  • U.S. patents # 6,804,842 and 7,493,665.

JetArray® InLine Installation Instructions

Sold exclusively by CMP

The JetArray® InLine therapy jet is completely new technology for gunite spas. It is self-contained with no additional parts to assemble. There are two connections to the jet: water and air. The inlet ports are sized at 2 1/2″ to allow the JetArray® InLine to be connected in series. The JetArray® InLine only needs 25 GPM at the jet for full force operation.

The JetArray® InLine is installed completely inside the gunite structure with only the JetPorts (the 4 pipes from the unit) extending into the spa. These JetPorts will be cut to fit later. The JetArray® InLine has 2 inlet ports, water and air. If a single unit is installed, water is connected to water and air to air and after the connections are made, cap the air and water on the opposite side of the jet. If one JetArray® InLine is to be interconnected with another, water and air can be interconnected up to 6 jets. If more than 6 are installed, use the correct pipe size to provide 15 GPM to allow for flow loss through the assembly and a separate air line is installed for each 6 JetArray® InLine’s. An air blower is is not required. Pressure test the jet(s) with the rest of the plumbing before gunite.

IMPORTANT: The JetArray® InLine is NOT reversible, install air to air and water to water! The installation is simple with no go-backs after project completion.



To install, connect the water and air lines ensuring correct water supply connection and an outside air inlet stub up. The JetArray® InLine can be installed horizontally or vertically. If the JetArray® InLine is used with standard jets, connect to the same water line as the standard jets but provide a separate air line. The JetArray® InLine pulls a lot of air and we don’t want to rob from other jets! If possible, install a Hartford loop before the JetArray® InLine installation. Although the JetArray® InLine will self evacuate the air line of up to 25 feet, the loop is always a good idea. Always install a plumbing “U” at the air line stub up using 2 90’s to ensure that debris doesn’t fall into the line. Cap the JetPorts.

You may use ‘spinner’ fittings with the JetArray® InLine. To allow space for these, each JetPort must be offset to each side of the jet box. Make sure all offsets are equal in length. Cap the JetPorts.



Steel reinforcing is installed over the front face of the JetArray® InLine and the jet is secured to it. Make sure adequate gunite structure surrounds the jet for structural integrity.



After gunite the JetPorts are still extending into the spa. If you are using one of the different color ‘beauty rings’, then they can be cut flush with the interior finish. If ‘spinner’ fittings are to be installed, cut the JetPorts to allow fittings to be glued on and fit flush with the interior.



The JetArray® InLine is self contained, so once it’s installed and the JetPorts are cut to fit, you are done. Once your equipment is operating, the JetArray® InLine starts up, clears the air line and gives the best therapy action available for gunite spas and pools!


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