TabCaddy story… from The Sultan

TabCaddy holds chlorine tabsIn the late 1990’s, I learned that our company’s “start up” people were placing 3” stabilized pool chlorine tabs in the pool skimmer when they got one of our new pools up and operating. For years we had told folks not to do that and when I mentioned this, I was told that concern relates to powder or liquid chlorine and acid. Those products will damage filtration equipment if poured in the skimmer. They explained to me that modern stabilized tabs erode so slowly that the 3 gallons of water in the skimmer body are not significantly affected over night.

As a natural skeptic, I began monitoring our pumps and filters by disassembling them. Over several years of monitoring I found no evidence of any damage. As a factory rep from a major pool manufacturer reminded me: High quality pool equipment must be able to with stand the rigors of ozone generators which can be highly corrosive. I decided I was on to something.

Over the years of monitoring and testing, it became apparent that dropping a couple of tabs into the surface skimmer was the most effective and safest way to add chlorine to a pool or spa. The chemical distribution is out of the body of water where the swimmers are and Chlorine is efficiently distributed during the daily filtration cycle.

Over the past several years I began making inquiries to my pool building customers across the country and discovered that dropping tabs in the skimmer was a common practice.
But, the skimmer basket has more than tabs in it…..the bugs, lizards and spiders make cleaning the basket unpleasant enough without handling wet chlorine tabs! The Tabcaddy floats in your skimmer and is easy to remove. Set your TabCaddy on top of the skimmer lid after removal to keep chlorine drips off of your deck. Dump the basket and float the TabCaddy back in the skimmer. Easy, efficient and safe. The modern way to chlorinate your pool.